AC 200   Heavy Duty Water Suction Hose
AC 202   Light Duty Water Discharge Hose
AC 204   Heavy Duty Water Discharge Hose
AC205W Papermill Washdown Hose-Built In Nozzle
AC205G  Papermill Washdown Hose-Built In Nozzle
AC 407    Dairy Cream Washdown Creamery Hose
Water Hose
Air / Water / Welding Hose
Petroleum Hose
Products & Accessories
Commodity Handling Hose
Chemical Hose
1 WIRE  DIN 1 SN / SAE 100 R1AT
2 WIRE  DIN 2 SN / SAE 100 R2AT
2 WIRE  SuperJack 10K
1 WIRE  Pressure Washer/Combo 3K Blue 300F 
2 WIRE  Pressure Washer/Combo 5K Grey 300F
4 SPIRAL  Hydrablast IV 12K & 16K
4 SPIRAL  Spiraflex DIN 4 SH
4 SPIRAL  Spriaflex SAE 100 R-12
6 SPIRAL  Spiraflex SAE 100 R-13
BRAIDED   Slim Hole Rotary Hose
Hydraulic Hose
Fire / Mill & Nitrile  Hose
Fire Accessories
Access Hose

Industrial Hose & Accessories
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Frac Tank Parts
Sheet Rubber
"We are committed to bringing the distributor high quality hoses, couplings, sheet rubber, and accessories with a value that will allow you to compete in tomorrow's marketplace."
Hose Accessories
AC 400  Wire Braid Air Hose
AC 401  Twinline Welding Hose & Assemblies
AC 402  Singleline Welding Hose
AC 403GP  Gen. Purpose Red Air Hose-Extruded
AC403ASM  Gen. Purpose Red Air Assemblies
AC 403  Airmaster Red Air Hose - Wrapped Cover
AC 406  Water Delivery Hose
AC406ASM  Water Delivery Hose Assemblies
AC 410  Airmaster Heavy Duty Textile Air Hose
AC 580  Steam Hose
AC 300  Tank Master Petroleum Suction Hose
AC 301  100 R-4 Oil Return Hose
AC 303  Rigmaster Oilfield Suction Hose
AC 303  Rigmaster Corrugated Frac Hose (8 in.)
AC303C Corrugated Rigmaster
AC 309  Heavy Duty Oil Suction 300 PSI
AC 310  Corrugated Tank Truck Hose
AC 405  Fuel Master Delivery / Farm Tank Hose
AC 408BK Black Lock Master Push Lock Hose
AC 210  Hot Air Blower Hose
AC 320  Food Grade Suction Hose
AC 801 Standard Duty Dry Material Dischg. Hose
AC 802  Heavy Duty Dry Material Discharge Hose
AC 306  XLPE Chemical Suction Hose
AC 307  UHMW Chemical Suction Hose
NBR     Black Nitrile 60 Duro
RSBR  Red SBR 75 Duro
CR       CR Neoprene 60 Duro
PG       Pure Gum 40 Duro
SNI      SBR NI (Nylon Instert) 60 Duro
CRI      Neoprene NI (Nylon Insert) 60 Duro
WFG    White Food Grade 60 Duro
EPDM  EPDM 60 Duro
SBR     Black SBR/Gum Skirtboard
CM       Corrugated Matting
SBM    Switchboard Matting
SIL      Silicone 55 Duro
ACSJ  Single Jacket Mill Hose
ACDJ  Double Jacket Fire Hose
ACSA SJ Mill Hose-Aluminum Couplings
ACSB SJ Mill Hose-Brass Couplings
ACDA  DJ Fire Hose-Aluminum Couplings
ACDB  DJ Fire Hose-Brass Couplings
ACUL  UL Listed SJ 300 Test PSI / DJ 600 Test PSI
ACDM Duramaster Hvy Duty Fire/Multi-Purpose
ACFM10 Flow Master Nitrile Water Discharge
ACFM20 Heavy Duty Flow Power Nitrile Discharge
BIF   Brass Industrial Fog Nozzle
RED Red Lexan Plastic Industrial Fog Nozzle
BTN Brass Tapered Nozzle
BPR Brass Pinlug Reducer (Female x Male)
BHA Brass Hex Adapter (Female x Male)
BDH Brass Double Male Hex Adapter
BPS Brass Pinlug Swivel Adpt. (Female x Male)
BSD Brass Pinlug Swivel Double Female Adapters
BPC Brass Polished Caps w/Chains
BPP Brass Pinplug Plug w/Chain
SIA   Brass 1/4 Turn Siamese Ball Type Shut Off
BHG Brass Hydrant Gate Valve w/Teflon Seals
HDA Heavy Duty Adjustable Hydrant Wrench
SUB  Frac Tank Subs
FCN  Frac Tank Cap/Nut
CSFL  Carbon Steel Flanges
SSFL  Stainless Steel Flanges
UACHE  Universal Air Coupling Hose End
UACBE  Universal Air Coupling Blank End
UACME Universal Air Coupling Male End
UACFE  Universal Air Coupling Female End
WTIBID Butterfly Valve
BVFP    600# Full Port Brass Ball Valves
WB1B / WB2B   Safety Whip Cables
Sheet Gasket
NAM30  Non-Asbestos Sheet 30 Blue
NAM37  Non-Asbestos Sheet 37 Green
CF45      Carbon Fiber Compressed Sheet 45
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